[Tagging] My ban by user Woodpeck = Frederik Ramm

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Wed Jun 26 05:16:15 UTC 2019

26 Jun 2019, 00:01 by tagging at openstreetmap.org:

> in particular for non-commercial and scientific use
This are not relevant at all, OSM data is not restricted in how it can be used.

>  I don't know to what extent this is applicable for an international
> project such as OSM, but there are fair-use and non-commercial ex-
> ceptions in the copyright statutes of many countries
Both have limitations that make incompatible with OSM licensing

> Merely reusing names of watercourses is not a breach of copyright, if
> you research them in non-database publications
OSM is a database

>  _or_ if you do copy
> few excerpts
This way lies madness, as there isĀ  no way to ensure that only one user copied
something. Multiple users copying only few excerpts each is not allowed.

>  (UrhG speaks of 15% for scientific, non-commercial use)
How many for commercial use?

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