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On 04/03/19 21:25, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>     These can be commercialfirms, part of the government, or part of a
>     university etc.
>     They usually specialise in one field so will need sub tags.
> I would question whether we put all kind of "laboratory" into the same 
> category and distinguish them by subtags. There are too many different 
> kind of things that could be subsummized as "laboratory". Think about 
> eletronic laboratories, chemistry research labs, biochemical labs, 
> labs for human healtcare analytics, etc.
> First distinction could be "research lab" vs. "analytical lab" vs. 
> maybe more types, and these should IMHO become main tags, not subtags.
> There is also some potential confusion with the word "laboratory" 
> being used as a hyped name for workspace where you would not expect 
> it, e.g. software laboratory, architectural design laboratory, art 
> laboratory, etc.
> So we would need some definition, what the criterion for "laboratory" 
> is (or is it the name?).

To me a true 'laboratory' has controlled environmental conditions, 
usually temperature is tightly controlled, the better labs have humidity 
control probably not as tight.
They may have other things controlled too - such as radio interference, 

A software, art or architectural design laboratory would not meet these 
conditions. The key being that the control is tighter (narrower) 
environmental control than, say for example, an office environment.
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