[Tagging] shop=clothes vs shop=fashion

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Wed Mar 6 15:23:12 UTC 2019

kiosk and convenience is supposed to be the same? I always used it like

- convenience: small supermarket that is usually too small to have shopping carts but still also sells things of daily need (shampoo, toilet paper, milk, cornflakes, bread and spread,...). The typical 7-Eleven store (doesn't exist in Germany btw)

- kiosk: very small store that usually only sells drinks, newspapers, magazines, snacks, cigarettes and the like. Sometimes even so small that you can't go inside but buy things through the window


Am 6. März 2019 16:06:25 MEZ schrieb Jean-Marc Liotier <jm at liotier.org>:
>On Wed, March 6, 2019 3:58 pm, Enock Seth Nyamador wrote:
>> Jean-Marc I agree with about shop=boutique much used in West Africa.
>> reason being that the shops have boutique attached to their names.
>Indeed. In Dakar and Bamako, when you need to buy a Fanta, tu vas à la
>boutique... So I can't really blame contributors for using the word
>sound most natural to them.
>Depending on how big the shop is, solutions would be shop=kiosk (after
>years of pushing we are beginning to see that one adopted) and
>shop=convenience (which is not used enough)
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