[Tagging] Emergency vehicle country-specific law

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I would expect the police would first re-organize the scene to revert circulation.


If the house on fire is just a few meters in the opposite one-way direction, they might go directly, but technically they would break the law, if I read the articles correctly.


So, we should map what it authorized and not authorized under normal circumstances, otherwise we map no restriction at all (because the policy may always reorganize things in urgent situations).



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If there was an explosion due to a gas leak and the road is blocked by
debris, I guess they can go in the opposite direction of a one-way
street as well.



I don't know the Belgian law, but in cases like these it is likely there will be police at the scene and will temporarily organize the traffic as required. Policemen everywhere (?) are higher ranked than road markings and street signs. ;-)


If you need to infract some traffic regulations in order to save lifes, there might be exceptions or even obligations. 




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