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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 18:02:08 UTC 2019

Am Do., 7. März 2019 um 01:27 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <
joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>:

> > maintain amenity=police for public-facing police station
> +1 for keeping the basic tag for police stations

what about other police facilities that are also tagged with amenity=police
now, should they key the basic tag as well?
E.g. (I guess these aren't police stations, but I do not know them)

We have already acquired experience with similar cases, e.g.
tourism=information was first only used for information offices.
Today they are only 3,5% of all objects with an "information" tag (and 95%
of all information=* tags are combined with tourism=* , like
As a result tourism=information has become meaningless, you will look at
the information tag to see what it is about.

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