[Tagging] Healthcare=counselling and healthcare=psychotherapist?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 03:27:16 UTC 2019

The healthcare wiki page has a number of subtags listed, but not all
are well defined. In particular, the tags for behavioral health and
psychology services are not very well organized.

There is currently a list of options for more specific tags to use
with healthcare=psychotherapy and healthcare=counseling but I don't
believe these were every approved as part of a proposal.

The most confusing option is healthcare:counselling=psychiatry

Psychiatry is a medical specialty which treats serious mental health
problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder through the use of
medications. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, not counselors, so I
think this is an incorrect tag.

I would also think that it would be more appropriate to use
"healthcare=psychology" rather than "=psychotherapy", because the
health practitioners are licensed as clinical psychologists, and
psychotherapy is only one type of therapy, although it is a popular
term since the time of Freud.

A wiki page for healthcare=counseling should probably be created to
explain that this tag mean to show an office of a dietitian or
nutritionist or other counselor, not for clinical psychologist or
psychiatry practices.

>From the wiki page:

"Specialities for healthcare=counselling

"Specialities for healthcare=psychotherapist
Different schools and approaches of psychotherapy may be tagged using
healthcare:speciality=*. May also be used for healthcare=doctor and
other healthcare=*.
healthcare:speciality=behavior	Behavior oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=body	Body oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=depth    based on Depth psychology, e.g. Psychoanalysis
healthcare:speciality=humanistic	psychotherapy based on Humanistic psychology
healthcare:speciality=other	psychotherapy that does not fit other
categories, e.g. Art therapy
healthcare:speciality=systemic	Systemic therapy"


Original proposal that was approved in 2010 (includes psychotherapy
specialties but not counseling):

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