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On 09/03/19 17:18, Paul Allen wrote:om

> what I see on the map

> you're totally misunderstanding the reality...

That's entirely possible.  Which was kinda my point.

> Those parking places in the middle of the two roads are NOT accessible
> from north, but only from south, and the map representation is saying so,
> with the only parking aisle coming from south...

OK.  So from the south, is the only way you can get to the parking spaces
via the parking aisle that
connects to the road?  In which case the situation there is NOT what this
particular debate is
about, which is a parking bay which has a long section contiguous with the
road and where any
of the spaces can be reached by turning off the road at the point adjacent
to the space.  Or is
the situation exactly what this debate is about, that you can turn into the
parking anywhere along
the stretch contiguous with the road?  In which case the way it is mapped
incorrectly represents
the situation in the south the same way as the north.

BTW, what's your guess as to how many times people will look at the map
trying to figure out
how to park there versus how many times people will run a query to get the
nodes and calculate
the area of parking available?  Because the only argument I've seen in
favour of doing it that
way is to get the area right, and I don't see that as being very
important.  But maybe I'm wrong
and there are vast hordes of people interested in precise areas of parking
spaces and almost
nobody actually wants to park there.

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