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Jan S grimpeur78 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 15:09:07 UTC 2019

Am So., 10. März 2019 um 14:15 Uhr schrieb Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com>:

> Under "Rendering" you say "Typical police stations, i.e. places where one
> can get in contact
> with the police usually 24/7, should be rendered different from other
> police facilites"
> In my part of the UK (still running austerity measures) which is largely
> rural, the police stations
> in smaller towns are not 24/7.  They work office hours.  There is a
> special phone on the outside
> of the building that contacts the main police station (which around here
> can be up to 30 miles
> away).
> I know you say "usually" but I'd change that to "often."  Around here it's
> unusual for these
> stations to be 24/7.  You probably also need to mention opening_hours=* as
> a tag that
> can be used in combination.

Good point. That may even more often be the case in rural areas. I'll
reformulate that part. The use of opening_hours=* seemed obvious to me, but
I'll point it out.

> You don't discuss what to do when the domestic police are (at least
> notionally) part of the
> military.  Somebody here brought up the Italian Carabinieri.  And
> yesterday I read that the
> French Gendarmerie are part of the French military.  In the UK domestic
> police are not
> part of the military but the Ministry of Defence has various Service
> Police forces dealing
> with the protection of military bases and the behaviour of military
> personnel; it also
> has the "Ministry of Defence Police" for dealing with terrorism and
> protecting nuclear
> plants (I've simplified what they do).

> Which of all those get mapped as police and which get mapped as military
> will need to be
> figured out at some point.  If not on the page for police=* itself then at
> least a page documenting
> local decisions on such matters.

I deliberately didn't want to get into this discussion. This is something
that has to be sorted out locally. E.g. in France, I've seen that they map
the Gendarmerie as military, but the public-facing offices as
amenity=police. I think that it's essential to detemine the principal
function of an entity in each place. Does it appear principally as police
or as military? While the Gendarmerie is under the auspices of the Ministry
of Defense, it fulfils the role of a civil police in rural areas. Btw, fire
fighters in Paris and Marseille are military units, too, but no mention to
this is made in OSM.

Here in Germany, there's a military police (Feldjäger), but they're
comptent only in relation to crimes within the military or affecting
military property. They're stationed on military ground. I'd tag them as
military, not as police.
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