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François Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 22:35:25 UTC 2019

Hi Sergio,

The proposal aims to map the way lines are bound to their supports.
In my mind, attachement = {Insulator set ; clamps ; accessories to secure
the insulators on crossarms} for a bare power conductor.
Further keys can give details about each item in this set (but out of the
current proposal).
For insulated cables you don't have insulators but the attachment methods
are the same.

Here are illustrations :

Keep in mind that currently, it is possible to give the same information
with tower:type=suspension.
As explained in the rationale, :type suffix is meaningless and gather too
much possibilities to be usable.

Hope it's clearer


Le dim. 10 mars 2019 à 23:04, Sergio Manzi <smz at smz.it> a écrit :

> François,
> Thank-you for addressing the mistakes I outlined (*some still needs some
> polishing I gues*s), but anyway (*and putting aside my reluctance to map
> such things*) I'm afraid there is still something profoundly wrong with
> this proposal, at its very essence.
> I still don't understand what are *the objects* that one is expected to
> map with this tag.
> Taking as an example the first tower you depict for
> "line_attachment=suspension" (
> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/50/Elbekreuzung_2_traversen_crop.jpg)
> what are they? The tower (*BTW, shouldn't it be pylon in Brit. Eng. ?*)
> The "*branch*" (*sorry, I'm missing the correct word...*) of the
> tower/pylon to which the insulator sets are suspended? The
> rings/hooks/bolts/nuts suspending the insulator sets under the "branch"?
> The insulator sets themselves? The clamps suspending the conductors under
> the insulator sets?
> Would it be too much asking you to edit the picture by adding a red arrow
> pointing to the object of this tag?
> TIA,
> Sergio
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