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Tue Mar 12 11:13:14 UTC 2019

Il giorno lun 11 mar 2019 alle ore 12:20 Cascafico Giovanni <
cascafico at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> > You were criticized for stretching the opening_hours syntax to describe
> seasonal operations ("Jan 01
> > - Dec 31"), but did not respond nor adjust your tagging.
> Sorry for that. Is it wrong? I did test it with JOSM OpeningHoursEditor
> [2] plugin. If anybopdy in this ML prefers 24/7 I will change the values. I
> used "Jan 01 - Dec 31" just to set a value consistent to overall hotel
> dataset opening periods.

> > Your import focuses on soft business policies, such as allowing pets or
> supervising kids. Such
> > policies can change even more rapidly, and are better shown in separate
> datasets and not OSM itself.
> This consideration raises a huge question about italian fuel stations,
> since operators, brands and names come and go.
> In case of a future regular import, I'll remove pets and childcare,
> inserting just phisical elements like gymn, garage, air-conditioning,
> welness etc.

I'm preparing in import wiki. Any thought about the above points?
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