[Tagging] Expand the key:opening_hours

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 18:52:07 UTC 2019

I found that the current way of mapping opening time of features in
OSM map are too limiting, and the opening time of some features cannot
be properly represented with only the current syntax, therefore I have
written a brief idea about how the syntax in key opening_hours could
have been expanded to match more different needs at the article's talk
page. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Key:opening_hours#Proposed_extension_to_supported_syntax_in_the_page.
. It would be nice if these features can be added into the scheme so
that relevant featurs opening days and time can be represented by the
scheme directly instead of via text description and external link.

The most significant part of what I would like to see are support for
solar term(節氣/节气/節気/절기/Tiết khí) and (East Asia) lunar (lunisolar)
calendar(舊曆/旧历/旧暦/음력/Nông lịch). And because the calculation of both
are dependent on timezone and then when some countries celebrate these
festivals they use the calendar that is not based on their own
country's time but use the Chinese time (or time of other countries
for overseas diaspora of them) so I have also added a proposal to
support timezone specification in the scheme which is also desired by
some other users on the talk page. Note that the scheme I proposed to
express solar term and lunar month representation wasn't actually that
much intuitive but I believe it have an advantage that it's more
internationalized and thus providing a common way of tagging features
across different regions that use the calendar.

Additionally, I have also written in the proposal that I would like to
see additional supported values for bank holidays, offset in term of
number of weeks, and also support for timestamp beyond 24 hours in the
scheme. Expressing time beyond 24 hours can be especially meaningful
when the operator of those features decided to release their time this
way and it can reduce error when inputing or transporting data into
OSM as it is not uncommon for people to forget properly converting
dates when they are asked to change the time format back to 00-23h

And while it seems like the de facto standard, I would also like to
see the formalization of the handling of time range representation
like Su 23:00-07:00 that in such syntax the 07:00 is referring to
07:00 on the next day.

Any thought on the proposal?

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