[Tagging] Superroutes - good, bad or ugly?

seirra blake sophietheopossum at yandex.com
Fri Mar 15 19:33:22 UTC 2019

hmm... I'm not quite sure on what would be best. I do see your point in 
the case of just splitting very long ways there, they would not be 
'shared' at all. to the best of my knowledge type=* is intended to 
exclusively define the relation. in all circumstances that we have 
discussed, it still joins up to make a route, so perhaps its best not to 
change the relation type. the chain idea is a nice one, but that would 
make the smaller bits that join together... links. that may get 
confusing quite fast; or chain-links, which might sound a bit too much 
like we're talking about a physical chain.  part might be a good 
candidate, it's already there in the sense of building:part=*; so 
following similar convention we could have route:part=yes, that seems 
pretty intuitive; although we can probably go a step further and just do 
a combination of type=route and route=part, I'll probably use that in 
the example I make.

On 3/15/19 7:03 PM, Peter Elderson wrote:
> The just-a-chain-of-ways relation doesn't have to be shared. It's 
> shareable, but the sharing really is of no consequence.
> I think software needs a tag to control the selection for the purpose 
> it serves, OR allow any route relation without a type within all route 
> types it supports.
> I would indeed go for an explicit label, just not "shared". Maybe 
> "general" or "chain" or "basic" or "segment", "fragment", 
> "elementary", just not something that says how it's going to be used.
> Editors can keep their check that there MUST be a supported type tag, 
> and add that type=basic (or whatever word is chosen) can only have a 
> single consecutive ordered collection of ways. Other routes of any 
> type should be allowed to contain ways AND basic routes, apart from 
> more complex checking for particular cases such as PT variants.
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