[Tagging] Proposal: add Tag:route=share_taxi and Tag:route=minibus for public transportation relationship

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 17:51:01 UTC 2019

In Hong Kong, it is previously decided that, when tagging routes or
access restriction of public service vehicles, a large-sized
franchised bus can be represented with key/value or "bus", a green
minibus can be represented with key/value of "minibus", while a red
minibus can be represented with the key/value of "share_taxi", because
of different nature of all these service. See

However, in the PTv2 tagging scheme, it does not include support for
either route=minibus nor route=share_taxi, and alternative schemes
like route=bus+bus=minibus or route=bus+bus=share_taxi being proposed
also doesn't seems to receive any support so far. As such I would like
to propose including the tag value of route=minibus and
route=share_taxi into the PTv2 tagging scheme in order to represent
those minibus routes in the OSM database via the PTv2 tagging scheme.

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