[Tagging] Wild changes to wiki pages changing the cycleway tagging scheme

"Christian Müller" cmue81 at gmx.de
Sun Mar 17 11:55:24 UTC 2019

What are you gonna do with the *=track cases then?
Imho your approach would mean to generally discourage
cycleway*=* and generally represent cycleway tracks
using a separate geometry.

In the case where cycleway tracks are separated merely
by a curb, this may be unsatisfactory as well.  If the
geometric objects run very close in parallel, people
will argue in reverse, that there is no need for the
separate geometry and reclaim the tagging variant in
use now.


> On 03/16/19, 19:20, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I'd honestly rather see bicycle tagging as part of the general lane tagging
> scheme more widely adopted, since there may be more than one bicycle lane
> each direction, and it's placement within the roadway may not necessarily
> be the edge of the road.

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