[Tagging] Green lanes (OT)

"Christian Müller" cmue81 at gmx.de
Mon Mar 18 17:46:16 UTC 2019

This seems reasonable but probably takes years to implement.
Considering how tagging changes moved, or rather not moved,
in the past, the projection into the future is that it will
at best be yet another tagging scheme (YATS) needing to co-
exist with the ones already present.


> On 03/18/19, 07:57, Topographe Fou wrote:
> Lot of tools are already able to check validity of lane schemas,
> adding one lane for bicycles (or other transportation means) will
> not hurt them as soon as all lane tags are in line. I think that
> moving from a "car sized" to a "whatever size" is not such a big
> step but would help a lot simplifying the model thanks to a
> slight change.

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