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Lorenzo Stucchi lorenzostucchi95 at outlook.it
Wed Mar 20 07:49:51 UTC 2019


Thanks Joseph for the answer.

The area in which I take the examples is this https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=16/2.3879/-73.9050 check with digital globe premium imagery (N.B. please don’t map this area we will have and event about mapping this area)

"landcover = trees that is a tag for a wood where is not clear in which class have to be considered the wood if natural or maintained by humans."

Almost all woodland in the world have been modified by humans, even in
the Amazon basin. I would recommend checking the existing areas of
tagged woodland in the area, and using either landuse=forest or
natural=wood depending on the current use by local mappers.

You should also ask the Colombian mappers about this project,
especially if your group is from outside of the country. Try

Ok, we can check that the main area is mapped as natural=wood so we can keep this tag, but also is not wrong to map them as landcover=trees because I don’t known that area, so after when a local expert will find the tag will change according to the use in this country.

"The landcover=artificial will a be a general (in the sense of the previous point) to map an area that is covered by buildings (residential and industrial area) and other man-made structures (like the quarry)"

This is not useful for Openstreetmap. If your aerial imagery is good
enough to distinguish woodland, you should also be able to clearly
distinguish a quarry from a village or town or industrial area. I
recommend using the established tags (eg landuse=quarry,
landuse=residential, landuse=industrial) or just leaving the area

We are not forcing people to mapping general but to have the possibility that id I’m not sure about the tag I can be more general.

there are area without trees because they are cut and there is just land without also grass or zone in the middle of the forest without any trees ... I will put a photos on attach... area1 , area2 and area3

Area1 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/18uzLqVp1NbxZpZqhU9-Ydbc_K7i39Byl/view):
It would be more helpful to provide a link to the location. This one
is hard to identify without local knowledge or the ability to check
the surrounding area or different imagery options

I send the place, but zooming in and out all looks the same, is a land without trees or grass, just land and not rocks. And this is exactly the area for the tag landcover=barren

Area 2 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BztdQZjn35sso20-mZVAWpEHs8D-ITPH/view)
This is a small lake with muddy water.

Which are the elements that say to you that this is a lake? I’m asking because we are going to map the area so these can be very useful for me. The shape? because is not squared? ( Thanks for this point)

Area 3 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kfRjnLH7lgozFKWmZIrqAu1TmX-P6kig/view)
It would help to zoom in closer, but there is a building at the center
and a rough road. Most of this is likely meadow, pasture or farmland,
with some areas of natural=scrub at the edges, but it would certainly
help to have local knowledge of the area to be sure.

We thinks that is possible to map also this elements even if you are not sure about this type so this can be a landcover=cultivated so I can map and its possible to see a big empty area inside the forest. Also is not needed to be in the middle of the forest to understand which is the exact crop cultivated or if it is a grass land or a meadow. The idea of a more high level tag is to solve this problem.

Thanks for your reply.

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