[Tagging] I have been tagging mosques wrong all along

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Sat Mar 23 17:04:25 UTC 2019

On Sat, 23 Mar 2019 at 14:13, Jean-Marc Liotier <jm at liotier.org> wrote:

>  And I'm not even Muslim !

That makes two of us.  I'm an infidel.  An omni-infidel.  It doesn't matter
what faith somebody
is, I am not of that faith.

I have learned from Muslims and confirmed in literature that this
> tagging scheme is wrong: what I considered as the mosque itself is
> merely the main prayer hall. The mosque is actually the whole complex
> that I used to tag as landuse=religious.

Going by what Wikipedia says on the subject (which may be completely wrong)
a mosque
is defined by Muslims using it as a place of prayer.  It could be a
building, or an area of
open land.  It could be an impromptu decision to pray there.  Mosque =
place of prayer.

That said, it appears your own researches imply that Mosque doesn't mean
"Islamic equivalent
of a church" but "Islamic equivalent of a churchyard."  I'm not convinced,
given the Wikipedia
article, that your interpretation is correct.  It might be, if prayer
happens in the grounds as
well as the building or instead of the building, but that may not usually
be the case.

So, no landuse=religious anymore

If the land is associated with the building and is subject to some form of
religious restrictions
as to what may be done there (it's not public land where you could have a
picnic and drink a
few beers) then it's landuse=religious.  Even if, as with Christian
churchyards, all its used for
is to grow grass.

> at all and no building=mosque for the
> buildings inside a mosque complex (building=yes - or, for the
> adventurous, multipart buildings with distinct minaret and dome)

Others will no doubt disagree, but I use building=* to describe what it
looks like.  It's
building=church if it looks like a church even if it's long since been
deconsecrated and
turned into dwellings or a bingo hall.  It's building=chapel if it looks
like a chapel.  And it's
building=mosque if it looks like what most non-Islamic people would call a
mosque (i.e.,
dome and minarets).

As in "What's that over there that looks like a church?"  Or "Go straight
on for a mile and turn
left at the church."  It may no longer be used as a church, but when using
it as a landmark,
particularly if seen at a distance, you go by the appearance.  Other tags
are used to describe
the function.

I'd continue to tag the building as a mosque.  Because most of the time if
there's a building
on religious ground that looks like a mosque then people are going to be
praying inside the
building and not outside on the grass.  I'd continue to use
landuse=religious for the grounds,
even if (as with many Christian churchyards) they're indistinguishable from
a private garden
because there will be access and usage restrictions, even if they're
informal: you will be
expected to comport yourself accordingly.

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