[Tagging] Feature proposal - RFC - Connectivity

Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Mon May 27 16:43:07 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,
I emailed this list a month ago about my proposal (Connectivity relations),
and received a lot of feedback.  I have also contacted many other sources
for feedback.  I used all of the feedback to make the proposal much more
comprehensive and able to store much richer data about lanes in
Some new features:
* The possibility of stating whether connectivity is "default", aka "lane
you will end up in if you don't change lanes, take an exit, turn, or leave
an ending lane"
* Conditional connectivity
* Much more clear examples on the page
* Support in iD for not breaking connectivity relations and other
from-via-to relations that don't have type=restriction.


Please provide any final feedback for this proposal either here on this
mailing list or on the talk page for the proposal.  I will likely open up
voting for this proposal in a week or so if I don't see any issues with the

Leif Rasmussen
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