[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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Wed Nov 6 00:24:05 UTC 2019

On 06/11/19 09:44, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
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>     > I guess that bicycle=no almost always means that *driving* a bicycle
>     > isn't allowed. So it seems just logical to use a new tag for places
>     > where pushing (or transporting) bicycles isn't allowed too. Maybe
>     > bicycle=total_ban or bicycle_pushed=no?
>     I agree that bicycle=no has no implications for people pushing bikes,
> But if bicycle=no means that you can't ride a bike, wouldn't foot=no 
> also mean that you can't push a bike ie if you're pushing a bike, 
> you're walking, & foot=no means you can't walk, so you can't be 
> pushing a bike?

If walking is allowed but bicycles (ridden, carried or pushed) are not 
allowed .. then????

Logically bicycle=no should be taken as no bicycles (ridden, pushed, 
carried or any other way).

Does motor_vehicle=no mean I can push one though there? I did think not 
... at least not on a regular basis ...

However the sign of a bicycle with a red slash through it is usually 
taken as no ridding of a bicycle and normally allows dismounted 
transportation of bicycles. At least that is my and others use of the 
sign here.

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