[Tagging] shop=ice_cream vs amenity=ice_cream and OSM Wiki vs tagging

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 12:02:07 UTC 2019

> I have not found non-shops tagged as shop=ice_cream, have you?

The example photo on the shop=ice_cream wiki page shows an "ice cream
parlour", which I would not call a shop.

Previously it was claimed that a shop has to be in a building rather
than in a booth, stand or van. However, I don't believe this is true
globally: shop=farm can be used for booths or stands set up next to
the road to sell farm produce in the USA, and previously it was
suggested that I could use either shop=fruit or shop=green_grocer for
stands that sell fruit in Indonesia. Also, there's the tag shop=kiosk
- a kiosk is closer to a booth or stand than to a building.

- Joseph Eisenberg

On 11/11/19, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Am Mo., 11. Nov. 2019 um 11:55 Uhr schrieb Mateusz Konieczny <
> matkoniecz at tutanota.com>:
>> Again, is there some difference
>> in use by general population of mappers?
>> I am not looking for differences in use
>> wanted by specific mappers active here.
>> I am not looking for how
>> "place selling ice cream" may be split into
>> smaller groups.
>> I am not looking
>> for purely theoretical implications
>> of keys shop and amenity.
>> I am not  looking for what would be desirable
>> difference in use.
>> Is there some consistent difference how
>> this two tags are actually used?
> I have not found non-shops tagged as shop=ice_cream, have you? How many of
> these would we have to provide in order to be sure it aren't exceptional
> "errors" but standard way of tagging? You can find mistagged objects for
> any kind of object.
> FWIW, if we always redefine our tag definitions to the smallest common
> meaning of the "general population of mappers", then discover that we have
> tags that now mean the "exact same thing", we will wipe out all the
> details. Looking at the key definitions to find out that a certain object
> doesn't fit into the general scheme, is not something we should dismiss.
> highway=ice_cream for ice cream vendors along a road isn't a good idea.
> Similarly, shop=* for something that isn't a shop isn't a good idea either.
> Cheers
> Martin

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