[Tagging] New tag proposal: 'addr=milestone'

Agustin Rissoli aguztinqui at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 17:56:14 UTC 2019

I think we should change the name of the tag to addr:road_marker or
another, as many are not interested in milestone not being the correct
name, nor should they care that it does not match highway=milestone, it is
a lesser evil.

> Think of the ‘milestone’ as a point of reference. The ‘milestone’ only
provides a general idea > of how far or how close you are to a destination.
Once you go beyond and reach the next
> ‘milestone’ you may need to turn around and go slower to find what you
are seeking.

> > Perfect! That is exactly what happens in real life when someone is
seeking an address based on location markers once the precision of the
distance used in addresses is low.

This description should be in the eventual wiki

@Paul Allen keep calm

Saludos, Agustín.
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