[Tagging] Pedestrian and highway crossings of tramways

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> I don't know the situation in other countries, but in Switzerland,
> pedestrian train crossing are signalised (example [1]), while
> pedestrian tram crossings usually aren't (example [2]), even if the
> tram runs on a reserved track (i.e. separated form the road). Thus i
> think it may make sense to use a different tag for pedestrian tram
> crossings.

You're assuming here some default features of a crossing which is not
railway=crossing is about. It's a mere indication that a crossing exists at
a specific location along the railway=* way. To describe some features of a
crossing you'd use crossing=* tag, like crossing=traffic_signals or
crossing=uncontrolled for examples [1] and [2] respectively. That's how it's
suggested at the https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:crossing anyway.

Consider also highway=crossing which doesn't describe any features of a
crossing, while a crossing of a highway=trunk could be dramatically
different from a crossing of a highway=unclassified. You don't though tag
the 1st one as crossing:trunk=yes and crossing:unclassified=yes. Instead
you'd probably put something like crossing=traffic_signals + crossing=island
for the 1st one and crossing=uncontrolled for the 2nd one.

> Besides, most pedestrian tram crossing where the tram runs on the road
> aren't exclusively pedestrians + trams crossings, but pedestrians +
> road traffic + trams crossings, and are already tagged
> highway=crossing. I think these tram crossings are best tagged as a
> property on the highway=crossing node (and, if mapped, on the
> footway=crossing way), e.g. crossing:tram=yes (using the already used
> crossing: prefix).

The thing is that if even if tramway track is embedded into a roadbed and it
looks obvious at the Mapnik in the OSM they are usually mapped as separate
ways. Crossing of each of them are separate nodes: one at the
highway=something another one at the railway=something.

As a matter of fact there are plenty of tramway crossings in Switzerland
which are marked with railway=crossing: https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/MY1

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