[Tagging] Divided highways, and not so divided highways, one way or two

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> For example if you try to create a routing advice for a car journey.
> Let's say that the journey starts at Main street number 10 and that
> Main street is a two way street where the two directions are legally
> separated. Let's say that number 10 is on the right-hand side of the
> road and we are in a country that drives on the right side. Let's
> further say that the shortest way to the destination would be to cross
> the legal separation and take left. But that would be illegal. But
> there is no way the routing engine could know that. Unless the two
> directions are separated.

or the kind of legal separation is mapped so that the software could know.
Or you park your car on the opposite side of the road and cross it as a
pedestrian. Or maybe you'll finding a free parking spot much farther away
and have to walk quite a bit. Or maybe they drive on the left, you're the
prime minister, and your driver will park the car...

Of course it does not matter for those cases where you may not cross the
divider legally and you do not plan to do so, and it is mapped as if you
could not even physically, but there are usecases where you might want to
either cross illegally, or you have the special right to do so, and then it
should be possible to determine whether there is a physical possibility or

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