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>> It's a detail, but i think that leisure=sunbathing_area (or
>> leisure=sunbathing_place) were a more descriptive tag than
>> leisure=sunbathing. Besides, most leisure=* values are nouns.
> I agree with sunbathing_area being a better value for leisure, although
> the word „sunbathing“ can also be used as a noun.
> I would personally find a property sunbathing=yes/no to be applied to
> other areas (which can have different purposes) more useful.

Yes, leisure=sunbathing_area seems to me fine, especially on par with the

IMHO leisure=sunbathing_area should be a self-contained area, somewhat
similar to leisure=swimming_area or leisure=pitch. Each of them denotes an
area associated with a certain activity.

sunbathing=yes/no on the other hand is closer to access=* (similarly to
fishing=*). As discussed earlier perhaps only sunbathing=no would make some

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