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>> > I didn't say these signs had to display messages that must be obeyed
>> just that they often do.
>> what I meant was that we might want to distinguish between those that
>> show information and those that show traffic signs to which you must obey.
> Okay, might be useful, but how does a mapper know what a road authority
> will do with a variable message sign? If it has only been observed with
> travel time messages and other informational messages, then how do you
> verify it won't be used for more in the 1% of cases, and does it actually
> matter?
> I'd be inclined to have all big matrix panels tagged
> traffic_sign=variable_message, with Variable Speed Limit Signs and Lane Use
> Signals different traffic sign types, maybe traffic_sign=variable_speed and
> traffic_sign=lane_control (I've not checked taginfo to see what people are
> already using) which would allow navigation apps to notify a driver about a
> variable speed limit zone (or does that belong on the highway?), however
> this is getting out of scope of Graeme's original question.

And it gets just insane when you consider the possibilities Oregon DOT has
with its variable displays, since something that's normally displaying the
next three exits and which lane is exit only might be pink incident
response signs, white speed limit signs and lane control signals the next
time you pass the same sign an hour later.
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