[Tagging] amenity=music_school vs amenity=college?

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> On 5. Sep 2019, at 07:18, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Should  amenity=music_school be in map features?

IMHO the term is not clear, speaking of Germany, we need at least 3 types of significantly different objects, which might be eventually be called music schools:

1. “Musikschule”(music school)  these are neither schools nor colleges, but places where children (and maybe adults) go to learn playing an instrument (or singing)(but they usually go there one hour a week, maybe also 2-3 times, but nowhere near the attendance of a college or school). They are somehow comparable to driving schools or dancing schools (leisure activity, generally no professional education, maybe driving schools (trucks, taxis, busses) somehow are professional education though?).

2. “Musikhochschule” (higher music education). These are conservatories/music academies, which may be considered a kind of college, similar to an arts academy.

3. “Musik-gymnasium” (music highschool). These are general schools specialized in music (e.g. you’d have 5 hours a week rather than 2). This is a subtype of general secondary education(amenity =school), like scientific and classical.

Cheers Martin 

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