[Tagging] Motorcycle taxis, pedicabs

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 03:54:18 UTC 2019

Back in January we discussed how to tag "motorcycle taxi" and pedicab
(bicycle rickshaw) stands. Tom Pfeifer mentioned:

"Some additions were introduced in 2013 [3], apparently from the
Philippines community [4], to add the following tags:
+ motorcar=yes|no (usage 289, mostly Philippines)
+ motorcycle=yes|no (usage 290, mostly Philippines)"

But several people thought it wasn't a good idea to use the tag
amenity=taxi for non-automobile taxis, since the common definition of
a taxi is a 4-wheel motor vehicle, not a motorcycle or tricycle.

Here in Indonesia motorcycles "taxis", called an "ojek", are the most
common form of hired transport. They are faster than cars in cities
due to traffic, and are the only thing available in most villages.
Tricycle rickshaws or pedicabs are also commonly used in flat cities
like Yogyakarta and here in Wamena.

Currently most Indonesian mappers just map the stand as an
amenity=shelter with the name, but there are at least 10,000 and
probably over 100,000, of these features in the country.

I believe the best option is to create 2 new keys:
"amenity=motorcycle_taxi" and "amenity=pedicab" so that these stands
can be specified in a clear way.

Is "pedicab" the best British English / International English term for
these hired tricycles vehicles? "Bicycle rickshaw" has been mentioned,
but sounds strange. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycle_rickshaw

There are also "motorcycle rickshaws", called "tuk-tuk" in Thailand
and "bemo" or "bajai" here in Indonesia. They are 3 wheeled vehicles
with 1 or 2 covered bench seats in the back, and the front is like
part of a motorcycle.

These probably need a different tag. Is there a standard British
English term for these? Wikipedia uses "auto rickshaw":

-Joseph Eisenberg

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