[Tagging] maxweightrating [was: Conditional destinations (hgv, bicycle, maxweight…)]

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Sat Aug 1 14:56:23 UTC 2020

On 01.08.20 16:23, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> No, "gross" refers to the German "Gesamt" as in "total weight of 
>> vehicle, driver and load". The precise translation of "gross weight" 
>> is "Bruttogewicht" or "Gesamtgewicht".
> that’s what I said, maximum payload included

Sorry for not being more clear: There is no connotation of a "maximum" 
or "allowable limit" in neither the English nor the German term.
"gross weight" or "Gesamtgewicht" is just the current total weight, 
without any statement about how much additional load might be possible.
An empty truck has a lower gross weight than a full one, although the 
gross weight rating stays the same.

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