[Tagging] Rio de la Plata edit war

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Aug 1 22:40:59 UTC 2020

On 2020-08-01 9:26 a.m., Alan Mackie wrote:
> Perhaps I am an overly literal follower of the wiki, but I had always 
> assumed the coastline should continue inland as far as the tide 
> continues to be noticeable. Mediterranean mapping might be an issue, 
> but elsewhere I think this is fairly clear?

Starting locally, the Fraser River has a strong tidal influence 25km 
upstream of the coastline/riverbank edge. Fishers report a tidal 
influence 90km upstream. Wikipedia says the Columbia has tidal influence 
up to the first dam, which is 120km upstream of the coastline/riverbank 
edge. There are tidal forecasts published for 75km upstream of the edge.

Looking in Europe, the Thames is tidal for 80km upstream of the 
coastline/riverbank edge.

> If the water is fresh or the waterway still appears to be a river, 
> canal etc, then it seems reasonable that they should also have those 
> tags as well. The coastline and riverbank tags aren't fighting for a 
> common key, so it's not a direct tagging conflict.

I would consider an area mapped as water both with natural=coastline and 
waterway=riverbank or natural=water in error. I haven't seen any cases 
where this is done.

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