[Tagging] addr:street for routes

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Tue Aug 4 08:55:30 UTC 2020

On Mon, Aug 03, 2020 at 04:28:43PM -0400, Jmapb wrote:
> On 8/3/2020 6:07 AM, Sarah Hoffmann wrote:
> > There is some fuzzy matching, you can expect to work, for example
> > abbreviations like street -> st or even New York -> NY. But going from
> > ref=NY-214 to 'State Highway 214' is already a long stretch that requires
> > special local knowledge.
> Understood. And this is a little out of scope for the tagging list but I
> suspect this kind of long-stretch fuzzy matching for numbered routes
> will be necessary to return decent search results for a large portion of
> the rural USA -- and I'd guess similar problems will be found in other
> countries.
> At least for the New York State routes, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and
> HERE seem to get this right. I don't know of any OSM-centric maps that
> do, and I'm not savvy enough to know which are using Nominatim and which
> aren't.
> (Offhand, AI seems like overkill for this! The variations are pretty
> formulaic.)

It has already been done before: https://github.com/openvenues/libpostal

The problem is that there are 200+ countries, each with their own strange
name variation the locals claim to be 'perfectly obvious why wouldn't a
geocoder...'. ;)

Long-term I'd like to see emerge some kind of community-curated alias
database, where mappers can contribute the local variations. But that is
still far off.

> For now I've had a go with verbose explicit tagging using  _name tags as
> you've suggested (ignoring JOSM's "alternative name without name" warnings):
> ref=NY 214
> official_name=State Route 214
> alt_name=Route 214;Highway 214;State Highway 214;New
> York 214;New York State Route 214
> I've used the USPS-rectified format for the `official_name`, which isn't
> exactly right (`postal_name` might be a better tag) but seems close enough.
> It's unclear to me how useful it is to cram in all those
> semicolon-separated values under `alt_name`. Since this update,
> Nominatim is now giving decent (one block away) results for "58 State
> Route 214, Phoenicia NY" but nothing for "58 State Highway 214,
> Phoenicia NY" so maybe I just have to pick a single `alt_name` and maybe
> throw in a `local_name`? (Must confess, this sort of shoehorning starts
> to feel a little odd.)

Now Nominatim screws up the search (ironically because it does shorten
'State Highway' to 'sh') but that is really an implementation
issue. Your house has now picked up the right street:

>  * Q) How should `addr:street` be tagged for an address along an
> unnamed way which is part of a numbered road-type route relation?

Follow-up question on that: are all route relation names/refs mapped as
route=highway in the US usable as an address part or is that restricted to
certain routes and/or regions (for example, rural only)?


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