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>> These rules would exclude the lower Rio De La Plata and the lower part of the
>> mouth of the Saint Lawrence river, as well as other wide estuaries where winds
>> and tides have more influence on surface water flow than does the discharge of
>> the river. It would not prevent mapping the Hudson mouth at the southern tip of
>> Manhattan, because the flow is strong all the way to New York Harbor, if I
>> understand correctly.

> The Hudson definitely reverses flow. One of its names among the First Peoples
> translates to 'the river flows both ways.' The division in the flow lies less
> in the fraction of the tidal cycle than the speed of the current. It flows
> 'upstream' for half the time, 'downstream' for half, but the downstream current
> is considerably swifter.

Rio de la Plata would not be excluded, as you can read in the document [8] i linked in my first mail, for example, see some graphics of the flow of the river in page 25.
[8] DINAMA. Salinidad https://www.dinama.gub.uy/oan/documentos/uploads/2016/12/patrones_circulacion.pdf



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