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> On 8. Aug 2020, at 14:48, Jan Michel <jan at mueschelsoft.de> wrote:
>> features, either bicycle or motorcycle and scooter parkings.
> I already proposed two options. You didn't like either.
> amenity=parking + vehicle=no + motorcycle=yes + kick_scooter(*)=ye

this doesn’t allow for bicycles to be parked. It also doesn’t seem to be a subtype of parking. If it would be just for motorcycles and kick_scooters, why not
kick_scooter=yes ?

that’s already established and there’s no need to make vehicle=no headstands.

> amenity=small_vehicle_parking  + motorcycle=yes + kick_scooter(*)=yes

not sure what a “small vehicle” is supposed to be. Motorcycles with sidecars? Mofas? Cabin scooters? Three wheeled commercial vehicles? Golf carts? Electric wheelchairs? Snowmobiles? Small automobiles like smarts? Fiat 500? Will there be a definition which makes it possible to understand generically which kind of vehicles are permitted and banned, or would it require an infinite yes/no list for all kinds of vehicles? Is there a legal correspondence in highway codes that you are aware of?

Cheers Martin 

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