[Tagging] PTv2 public_transport=stop_position for stop positions that vary based on train length

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> in the chicago area we have 3 railway company’s operating the system, and
> one had signs left up from the old days
> which in watching the train come into the stations platform did not stop
> at the sign based on the number of cars + the
> diesel engines or engines. which could be 5, 6, 7, or 8 cars, we stop at 8
> here. 1 or 2 engines.
> to that end a california editor tagged all 200+ stations with the stop tag
> that is 400 + unverified platforms.

You can refer to me by my name if you want :)

Part of my rationale for adding the stop_position nodes and stop_area
relations to all North American train stations was to prevent many of the
errors Alexey brought up. If the ptv2 elements of a station are completely
mapped, nobody is tempted to change stop_positions to stations, etc. Other
North American rail mappers seem to have appreciated my work doing this,
though I'm open to criticism.

i would say more but you people do not like that.

Say more, as long as your criticism is constructive.

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