[Tagging] Tagging specialized head lice removal salons

Lisbeth Salander lisbeths at gmx.us
Wed Aug 12 11:54:15 UTC 2020

This is supposed to start a new topic in the Tagging mailing lists. If
it doesn't, please close it or move it. I'm not all that familiar with
mailing lists.

I'm asking for the proper way to tag a salon which only locates and
removes head lice. (Probably not every country has these
super-specialized salons) A quick search online suggests that some of
them double as hairdressers.

The latest salon I added doesn't advertise any other service besides
lice removal, so `amenity=clinic` or `amenity=doctors` seem ill-fitting.
I tried searching on the wiki for "lice", "louse", "parasites", and I
could not find other salons that could serve as a reference. For the
moment, I filled in general `healthcare` tags:

The website for that particular chain of salons has front pages in
Spanish, English and Catalan: https://helppiojitos.com/

Is it possible to decide on a standard tagging for this and add it to
the wiki? I'd be willing to translate the page to Spanish and Galician.

Thanks in advance.

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