[Tagging] Tagging specialized head lice removal salons

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 22:12:47 UTC 2020

On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 at 22:54, Lisbeth Salander <lisbeths at gmx.us> wrote:

> All good ideas except beauty=*, I'm sorry. That recommendation makes
> sense in most cases, but if head lice was a beauty treatment we wouldn't
> need clinics for detecting head lice in the first place hahaha.

You're saying people with head lice are just as attractive as those without
them? :)

> healthcare=clinic + healthcare:specialty=head_lice_removal would work,
> but these salons aren't expected to offer medical services.

It's about as close as we have, as I see it.  Podiatrists are
+ healthcare:speciality=podiatrist and they remove corns and verrucas.
Your salons are removing unwanted stuff from the other end of the body.
In fact, your salons are removing infectious parasites.  I think that
them as clinics.

> Maybe healthcare=head_lice_removal would be more succinct?

You may have more opposition to adding to healthcare than to
healthcare:speciality.  But I could well be wrong about that.

> As a bonus, that tag works both on its own and for hairdressers
> (shop=hairdresser + healthcare=head_lice_removal). Map renderers should
> ensure a consistent ruling to decide on an icon,

Actually, that's a negative.  If it's a hairdresser offering louse removal
one of the services, wouldn't most people think of it as a hairdresser?
And whichever way you answer that (it's a hairdresser or it's a louse
remover) it's more code that has to be added to ensure correct handling
of two top-level tags on a single object.  Having it as one of the "beauty"
treatments offered by the hairdresser doesn't cause any extra problems.
Admittedly, it's more complicated to query if you're in a strange place
and suddenly in need of louse removal...

> but it would simplifygreatly both edits

I think not.  I suspect iD authors would be upset at having to special-case
a top-level tag onto shop=hairdresser, whereas adding it to beauty=* in
the wiki ought to mean iD picks it up automatically (if it supports beauty=*
on hairdressers at all).

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