[Tagging] Tagging specialized head lice removal salons

Lisbeth Salander lisbeths at gmx.us
Wed Aug 12 23:33:09 UTC 2020

On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 at 12:52, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:

 > You're saying people with head lice are just as attractive as those
without them? :)

Touché. You got me there hahahahah

 > It's about as close as we have, as I see it.  Podiatrists are
healthcare=clinic + healthcare:speciality=podiatrist and they remove
corns and verrucas. Your salons are removing unwanted stuff from the
other end of the body. In fact, your salons are removing infectious
parasites.  I think that qualifies them as clinics.

The wiki also lists healthcare=podiatrist. (amenity=podiatrist has its
own Item page at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Item:Q18252 but is
probably deprecated.) I can't find a hard rule to decide between
healthcare and healthcare:speciality; healthcare feels more to-the-point
for me.

(By the way, I forgot to thank dieterdreist for linking to the Proposal
process page. There are still a lot of subtleties like this one that I
would like to iron out before, though.)

healthcare:speciality=head_lice_removal certainly has a very slim chance
of being rejected, so that's good to know.

 > Actually, that's a negative.  If it's a hairdresser offering louse
removal as one of the services, wouldn't most people think of it as a
hairdresser? And whichever way you answer that (it's a hairdresser or
it's a louse remover) it's more code that has to be added to ensure
correct handling of two top-level tags on a single object.  Having it as
one of the "beauty" treatments offered by the hairdresser doesn't cause
any extra problems. Admittedly, it's more complicated to query if you're
in a strange place and suddenly in need of louse removal...

You don't need specific code for this. Accidentally or not, icon
renderers already decide between top-level tags in case of conflict (I
think I remember Mapnik deciding amenity > shop when I really had no
idea on how to tag a confectionery/café). If people think of them as
hairdressers, you'd only need to ensure shop has a higher priority than

...and now you got me thinking about unintended consequences.

I cross-checked the pages for both Key:healthcare and Key:shop.
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:healthcare already lists some
situation in which shops are linked to healthcare centres, and users are
expected to map them exclusively as shops. Seems like if someone still
used both tags, the shop tag should have a higher priority. Is there any
situation where both should be expected, yet healthcare should have
higher priority than shop?

Or is there another side I'm missing?

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