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Thu Aug 13 12:49:38 UTC 2020

I think it's easy for a mapper to determine if a station is a 
bottom_station or a upper_station even if he doesn't know the exact 

Am 13.08.2020 um 14:28 schrieb Colin Smale:
> On 2020-08-13 14:07, dktue wrote:
>> I think that it's quite hard for data consumers (again: think of an 
>> overpass-query to find all mid-stations) to determine which role a 
>> station has. Like Martin said: Why not just solve the (huge!) special 
>> case of mountain aerialways where we really have one bottom_station, 
>> zero or more mid_station and one upper_station?
> Because cases that don't obviously fit that model will remain 
> untagged, or get subjectively/wrongly tagged with this model or some 
> other tags. There are many cases of arialways that start and finish at 
> roughly the same level. Do they have two bottom stations, or two top 
> stations, or do you force someone to make a judgement call as to which 
> is slightly higher than the other?
> If you want to find all mid-stations, do you want to find ALL 
> mid-stations or are you happy with MOST or MANY or SOME?
> Modelling reality is all about what to leave out. If top-stations, 
> mid-stations and bottom-stations can be reliably derived from 
> elevation and topology then there is no need to add a more explicit tag.
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