[Tagging] PTv2 public_transport=stop_position for stop positions that vary based on train length

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 13:51:27 UTC 2020

On 12/08/2020 01:37, 80hnhtv4agou--- via Tagging wrote:
> i have been to 11 stations in the last 3 weeks, the trains are not 
> doing what the tags represent

If you've done this, and care that stop positions are mapped in the 
correct place, then I'd suggest that you actually map these stop 
positions (just as stop positions - don't worry about the relations).  
Add some sort of description that says in which circumstances a 
particular stop position would be used.

If you do that, people adding relations can use those stop positions as 
the see fit.  No-one can guarantee if or when they'll do that, but if 
they do, they'll be able to add the stop positions to relations.

>     Tuesday, August 11, 2020 7:25 PM -05:00 from Clay Smalley
>     <claysmalley at gmail.com>:
>     You really need to stop calling people's edits "fake". It's
>     disrespectful. You're not in a position to determine whether my
>     edits were estimation or actually fictitious data.
Agree 100%.

No-one has a monopoly on "correct" information - everything is to some 
extent an abstraction.

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