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Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 05:29:44 UTC 2020

I love tree-lined roads in the country side or in city settings.
I would love a router that I could instruct to find them for me.
For travelling by car and by bicycle.
In past periods trees were part of the road.
I like the idea of easily adding this feature to the map.
But I also fear the maintenance requirements and hence quality issues this
may generate.

I do see these issues with adding sidewalks and cycle paths, where we have
a similar choice between mapping as separate objects or as road property.

Map maintenance is mostly limited by available manpower. A leisurely 30km
bike ride with Mapillary images produces "data"  for one week of JOSM
sessions to convert the collected information in map data.

Thanks for having read so far. I have no solution, but would suggest to
create a single wiki page for tree-lined road mapping, so that we have one
place where we describe the three different approaches for mapping them.

And maybe we invent a work flow to extract those lovely tree-lined country
roads from Mapillary's semantic AI efforts.

When I was a boy I learned from my father, who loved travelling by car,
that his secret was to follow those roads that had the green side bar on
the Michelin 1:200000 classic maps, which in my area often were roads built
by Napoleon, and he always planted trees along the roads (not for cyclists,
but for his troops).

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> > Is there a serious need (other than, say, one person's dissertation) to
> perform
> > database queries to find objects that are tree-lined?  I can see the
> need to
> > find the nearest car park with disabled spaces, or vehicle charging
> points, but
> > not for trees lining it.  That's probably just me, but trees lining a
> car park do
> > not influence my choice of whether or not to use it.
> It may be important to the crazy people that still use their bicycle
> in an otherwise air-conditioned, motorized world.  "Back in the days"
> people with a less strange relation to mother nature knew that a tree
> lined way has much more comfort cycling on if these trees spend shadow
> on a sunny day.  If you do long-distance cycling it may be of interest
> to find a route not predominantly exposed to sheer sun.
> /rants on/
> Unfortunately, most people do not seem to care.  Driving a car is
> "god given" and if you say anything people go crazy.  If you don't
> own something that makes noise and pollutes the environment, di-
> rectly by fumes or indirectly by production (the electro hype),
> you're deemed impotent or low-performing.  And anti-mobbing
> courses are beyond the scope of OSM. :.p
> /rants off/
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