[Tagging] oneway=yes on motorways

António Madeira antoniomadeira at gmx.com
Tue Aug 18 16:53:42 UTC 2020

I just want wikis to be in accordance between them. As they are now, the
induce mappers with doubt.

Mind you that "These ways should all point direction of travel and imply
oneway=yes (like junction=roundabout), therefore the oneway tag is
redundant and should be avoided." is not telling that it's forbidden to
use oneway=yes, only it should be avoided.

Às 11:25 de 18/08/2020, Steve Doerr escreveu:
> On 17/08/2020 15:02, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> FWIW, I am also in favor of preferring explicit tagging;
>> oneway={yes,no} says that someone paid enough attention to
>> intentionally annotate the way thusly. An implicit tag is impossible
>> to tell apart from an oversight. IMHO we should never, *ever*
>> discourage adding explicit tags even if they are "superfluous".
> Important to remember that yes and no are not the only values. There
> is also -1.

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