[Tagging] We should stop using hyphens to denote address ranges

Tod Fitch tod at fitchfamily.org
Tue Aug 18 22:23:42 UTC 2020

> On Aug 18, 2020, at 2:29 PM, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Maybe we should use a different character to indicate a range, such as a slash?

In the United States it is not too uncommon for infill housing in urban areas to have fractional street numbers. So you can see addresses like “123 1/2 North Main Street” for a building located between 123 and 125 (odd numbers are usually on one side of the street so 124 is not available in this example). I already am annoyed by QA checkers that flag that as an error. Defining a slash to mean something other that the, to me, obvious use as a fraction would make things worse.



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