[Tagging] Network-tag needs extension

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Fri Aug 21 14:11:40 UTC 2020

On 21.08.20 14:30, Michael Schmidt via Tagging wrote:
> Maybe for all these options the network tag could look like
> network=*
> network:short=*
> network:district=*
> network:district:short=*
> network:state=*
> network:state:short=*
> network:national=*
> network:national:short=*

In my opinion, this information that does not belong into the OSM 
database. Maintaining short names, abbreviated names and hierarchies on 
each and every node that belongs to some network is way too much work 
and creates way too much redundant data.

Ideally, we find one common spelling of the name of each network and use 
this throughout all objects that belong to it. The further details like 
different spellings and the hierarchy can then be established in further 
documentation, e.g. in the Wiki.


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