[Tagging] Benches and hostile architecture

pangoSE pangose at riseup.net
Mon Aug 24 13:50:33 UTC 2020


Vucod via Tagging <tagging at openstreetmap.org> skrev: (24 augusti 2020 15:43:37 CEST)
>Just to clarify an important point. The hostile_architecture key was
>suggested as a main/category tag to go along with specific keys
>(lying_hindrance, sitting_hindrance).
>Used alone, I agree that it would be very vague and could be difficult
>to verify. I would say to only use it in combination with specific keys
>but I don't know how this would be followed by mappers...

I think this is a bad idea. Someone wanting to list all examples of hostile architecture could do it using the other tags you mentioned.  Hostile is biased and not verifyable and should be avoided IMO.


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