[Tagging] Tagging multiple images on one object

Cj Malone me-osm-tagging at keepawayfromfire.co.uk
Wed Aug 26 07:33:19 UTC 2020

As mentioned semi colon has issues with URLs. It may also be worth
noting that a OSM value can only have 254 chars in it, a limit that
would get hit quickly with a few URLs.

I've thought about this before, I think we need 1 URL to point to
multiple images. But it can't just be a non standard HTML gallery, it
also needs to be programmatically fetchable so downstream OSM consumers
can use the images directly.

HTTP already has the capability for this with the Accept header.

- If a given URL is loaded in a browser (Accept: text/html) it can show
a HTML page with multiple images in.

- If it's requested by a client like OsmAnd (eg Accept:
application/gallery+json) it could return a JSON blob with details
about the images, there licences, alt text, etc to be embedded in the

But we'd need server support.


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