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On 8/27/20 12:35 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
> As is fair.  Without further qualification, I'd interpret "fair" as a
> (temporary, mobile) funfair: an annual event with fairground rides,
> stalls, etc. I think American usage may tend more towards trade fairs.
> As for mapping the temporary funfair thing, that's difficult, at least
> around
> here.  Every November the town's biggest car park is closed to parking
> for a week and is used for several fairground rides and a couple of food
> stalls.
> As part of the same event, for a couple of days most of the town centre is
> closed to traffic and the streets are filled with market stalls selling
> all sort
> of things of varying quality, from real bargains to absolute garbage (like
> eBay made physical).  Hard to map.
> There is also an annual agricultural-based show held in some large fields.

i'm fine with a british english equivalent if there is one.

temporary fairgrounds in the US are things on the order of the world's
fairs, which are really international and frequently last for two
seasons, the long side of temporary.

again in the US, state and county fairgrounds are permanent facilities
which function as event space when the fair is not actually going on.
the midway is usually temporary, but the buildings for, say,
agricultural exhibits are permanent, as is the race track (at many
fairs), which might be for horses or cars.

all of the following are fair grounds in upstate NY

washington county fair grounds:


rensselaer county fair grounds:


altamont fairgrounds:


NY State fairgrounds:


tagging is wildly inconsistant because there is not clear guidance
on these structured fairgrounds in the wiki. and they are all over the
US. this is a just a quick sampling.

while i recognize that at the present time, OHM concerns are of limited
interest here, tagging historic fairs is a use cae for this tagging as
well. my map of the 1964-5 NY World's Fair (a work in progress) is a
case in point:


so these things do exist, a fair number of them in the US, and are
not really temporary.

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