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On 28/8/20 8:05 am, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Aug 2020 at 05:31, Richard Welty <rwelty at averillpark.net 
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>     again in the US, state and county fairgrounds are permanent facilities
>     which function as event space when the fair is not actually going on.
>     the midway is usually temporary, but the buildings for, say,
>     agricultural exhibits are permanent, as is the race track (at many
>     fairs), which might be for horses or cars.
> As Phil said for the UK, in Australia they are Showgrounds, with just 
> about every country town having their own.
> As per your description, the show is usually only on for one weekend a 
> year, but there are permanent buildings & facilities on site, & the 
> area isĀ  frequently used as a caravan / tourist park for the rest of 
> the year.

In Australia:

"The Show" (where ever it is) as Graeme says, is once a year for a week 
or two. However other events are also held at the same venue.

For example via a quick web search, the Mt Isa Show 1 week per year in 
June, Mt Isa Roedo 1 week per year in August, Mt Isa Motor Show and Swap 
Meet 1 day per year in August and there are others.

Presently in OSM as a recreation ground as Way: Buchannan Park 
Racecourse 455194137. I would assume racing takes place here as well as 
the above 'shows'.

> The few I've just checked are currently tagged with a mixture of 
> either leisure=park or landuse=recreation_ground. Personally, of the 
> two options, I'd prefer rec. ground, which I notice a few of your 
> samples were also tagged as.
> Thanks
> Graeme

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