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Hi Martin,

I stumbled upon the page when looking for something better than
leisure=playground for the concrete slabs that are used for recess and are
called "speelplaats" ("square for playing") in Dutch. I've added some links
to that page, which made you notice. I hadn't noticed myself that it's a
relatively recent page and that it's actually just a draft. That said, the
tag seems a good fit for "speelplaats", which seems to be the exact
equivalent of the German "Schulhof" which is described in the Discussion

So quite different from "the rest of the schoolground" (students would
often be explicitly forbidden to stray from the designated speelplaats
during recess). And sure, you could have some classes there: for example
sometimes sports classes would be there, as there are many sports you can
do on a large paved area.

Op ma 31 aug. 2020 om 10:43 schreef Martin Koppenhoefer <
dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

> I just discovered someone has added leisure=schoolyard to the wiki. It is
> not completely clear to me how to apply this tag, is there a difference
> between the school grounds minus the buildings and the schoolyard? Which
> parts have to be excluded from a schoolyard? Does it only apply to spaces
> that are exclusively used for leisure or does it include outdoor areas
> where education will occasionally take place?
> Cheers Martin
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