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Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 06:32:46 UTC 2020


healthcare=vaccination_centre "A healthcare facility where people are

The tag healthcare=vaccination_centre is proposed to map a vaccination
centre: a healthcare facility specifically dedicated to administering
vaccinations to individuals, to provide immunisation against infectious
diseases. This tag should be used for locations which are specifically
designed or designated for vaccination, and which are not a general clinic,
hospital or doctor's office (which already have tags). These centres may be
located in permanent structures and intended for long-term use for multiple
vaccination programs, or might be semi-permanent or short-term facilities
located in tents or other mobile structures which are designed for a single
vaccination campaign.

It may be used with the recently proposed tag vaccination=* (which looks
like it will be approved this week - voting is ongoing) which can specify
the specific vaccination or vaccinations which are available at the
location, e.g. vaccination=covid-19.

Other facilities also administer specific vaccinations in addition to their
primary healthcare purpose as a hospital, clinic, doctor's office,
midwife's office, nurse post, etc. These should be tagged with the tag
appropriate for the primary feature, such as amenity=hospital,
amenity=clinic, amenity=doctors, healthcare=midwife, healthcare=nurse, etc.
- in contrast, this new tag is for dedicated vaccination centres.

Please comment on the proposal discussion page (
or here.

-- Joseph Eisenberg
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