[Tagging] Tagging small areas of bushes, flowers, non-woody perennials, succulents, etc

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 02:33:47 UTC 2020

In the discussion about `barrier=hedge` areas, it is clear that
mappers want a way to tag small areas of bushes and shrubs, and not
everyone is happy about using natural=scrub for this case.

Currently there is a tag landuse=grass for small areas of managed
grass, but this might be considered to exclude other non-woody herbs.
And leisure=garden is usually considered the whole area of a garden,
rather than being limited to a certain type of vegetation.

I would suggest that we need a more developed system of tags for
micro-mapping small areas of plants, not just woody-stemmed bushes and
shrubs, but also semi-annuals, herbaceous perenials (e.g. in the
tropics) and annual flowers and herbs.

This would also help with problems like using village_green for all
sorts of areas: see discussions and examples in

Rather than just discussing how the tag small areas of bushes or
hedges, how about how to tag this area of flowers:

Or a garden bed planted with these:
https://www.thaigardendesign.com/bird-of-paradise-strelitzia/ - or
these: https://www.wikilawn.com/flowers/ornamental-red-ginger-plant-alpinia-purpurata/

Or this bed full of succulent plants, in a semi-arid region:

Are people micro-mapping areas such as these?

How specific should the tagging be?

- Joseph Eisenberg

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