[Tagging] Tagging venues which give away free condoms?

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Thu Feb 20 20:44:07 UTC 2020

Hello fellow tagging fans,

Some places give away free condoms to fight the spread of STDs (incl.
HIV/AIDS). Is there a good way to map that in OSM?

I suggest `free:condoms=yes/no`, since it's descriptive, matches the
`sells:X=yes/no` scheme. And the `vending:X=yes/no` scheme.
`vending:condoms=yes/no` has 17 uses, but `vending=condoms` has 1800
uses. "vending" implies a _machine_. But what I imagine is a place with
a pile of free condoms ready to take. Either bars, or sexual health
clinics might have this.

`free=condoms` doesn't read as obvious as `Free Condoms? Yes!"
(`free:condoms=yes`). A tagging scheme which data consumers can easy
"deduce" when a human reads the text is a good tagging scheme IMO.

There is `medical_service:condom_distribution=yes/no` with 94 uses,
which reads too medical. A nighclub with a bowl of free condoms doesn't
seem like a "medical service", and doesn't sound like a "distribution

Clearly if the `free:condoms` tag is missing, you should presume it's
the same a `free:condoms=no`.

Any feedback? Thoughts? (Hopes? Fears? Dreams? 🙂)


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